Wednesday, 23 February 2022

BHT# 041 Cuetec (Germany)

 BHT Welcomes the heavy hitter Cuetec this New year who is an electronic music Producer based in Germany 


Micha was 10 years old when he started in 1996 to listen to electronic music. He listened to Paul van Dyk and was really enthused by that advanced stuff. Later, He was also infected with drum 'n' bass and even deep house tunes. 

In the Metro Area, Ian Pooley, DJ Marky, DJ Metro, DJ D. Kay, and many more, are still future and past heroes. The search for advanced electronic music was terrible for his parents. He spent his time listening to and recording tons of tapes at high volume. In the year 1999, he decided to make his own records. He made a couple of tunes on Playstation, among others, a remix of Goldfrap's "Utopia" and Paul van Dyk's "Columbia" these are the influences on his music.

He didn't really define a style that circumscribed his work. At the moment, it's that deep house stuff, but he also made a drum 'n' bass tune for an Andrew Duke Remix Contest. So be anxious about what he will brings to you in the future.....

This Show is Mixture of Deep house , electronic Music ,House Music. enjoy the 
Journey Also we have a give way for you as a new years gift.


# -Artist - Title

1.moonshine-moonshine girl
2.dochi-fix up
3.paxton fettel-bon voyage
5.metro area-caught up
7.saine-bronx medium
8.bjorn torske-expresso
10.matias aguayo-minimal(dj koze remix)
11.ruff stuff-balls
12.naylor-want u

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Also Puppetshop records and Cuetec decided to  have a little Competition he is giving away one of his Albums that are exclusive to Bandcamp to the 1st 10 people to Share the mixtape link and include the #puppetshopvsCuetec via Facebook, and the rest of the others will get Bandcamp codes to his release  Please follow him is Facebook fan page

Please see the below release up for grabs!!

 Please share the link and stay underground 

Friday, 31 December 2021

BHT#040 Rocco C [Germany]

 Basement House Tapes presents A new Exclusive Guest mix by the man Rocco C. Its his 2nd time on the mix he was our 1st Guest DJ Its a pleasure to have him back to listen to the previous show find it on this link BHT001


Christian Steinburg aka Rocco Castiglione, grew up influenced by 
early 70es electronic music, 80s Italo-disco, soul, funk., synth-pop, EBM.
on the 90s, the era of techno and house music, He started to collect vinyl and fell in love with Chicago and Detroit house and figured out the affinity for the B- Sides.

Based now in South Germany, He keeps digging in various genres and contributed with guest-mixes on different platforms: Deep Space Podcast, Deepvibes Radio, DHR Show, deep

This is his second job for the puppet shop records, continuing the thread of melodic tunes, contrasted with raw and abstract elements. if you enjoyed this episode, more to discover on his own platform


Artist - Title -[Label]
1. No Artificial Colours feat. Alex Mills - Reach for Me (Deetron Instrumental) [Character]
2. Jovonn - Get Together [ Body’n Deep]
3. glue 70, Harry Griffith - Solero -[Menagerie]
4. DJ Joe Lewis - Dub Of My Own (Remix) [ Clone Classic Cuts]
5. AmStrad Billionaire - The Plan (Original Mix) [Darkroom Dubs]
6. Entlet - Night New World (Original Mix) [Saint Vitus ]
7. Sven Weisemann - Caldera [Mojuba Records]
8. Guy Contact - Void If Removed [Butter Sessions]
9. DJ Poolboy - tu tienes mi corazón [Shall Not Fade]
10. Holo - Atlas [Shall Not Fade]
11. Marcus Mixx - Ron Hardy - Liquid Love [ Trax Records ]
12. Will Long - Stand Up For Me [self released]

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Friday, 19 March 2021

BHT 039 Ledesma (DHOC) [México]

 Good day friends hope you are well, today we have an exclusive mix by the man who runs the podcast Deep house O'Clock based in MexicoThe mix has some nice goodies for you to jam. His mixing skills portrayed here are impressive or top notch I can say. 

Short Bio:

Ledesma was born on October 23 in the late 80's. He published his own podcast called Deep House O'Clock, abbreviated DHOC. Ledesma fell in love with house music at age 10 through his cousin / brother, and then collected exactly his own collection at age 13 until now, always in love with deep sounds

Artist - Title 
1.- Dan Kye – Raro (Original Mix)
2.- Green Sequence - Your Love (Original Mix)
3.- Benklawk, Mabutana feat. Tshepo King - Dance (Original Mix)
4.- Ben Hixon, JT Donaldson – Experience (Original Mix)
5.- GZZ - New Breath (Original Mix)
6.- Leon Revol - Sun Is The Place (Original Mix)
7.- China Charmeleon - Do You Remember (Main Mix)
8.- LI ON EL - Voices (La Four SA Ten30 Atlantic Touch)
9.- June Jazzin - Are You House (Original Mix)
10.-  Zepherin Saint feat. Jackie Queens – Smile (Original Mix)

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for more info  about Ledesma please check out his podcast DHOC

Please stay safe and take care of yourself and loved ones please share the mix.!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2021

BHT 038 Brown Jay (Telepathy Music ) [JHB]

 Good day friends we have another exclusive mix from Brown Jay the man behind Telepathy Music. This mix has some music to make you tap your feet and nod your head and relax wherever you are Dive in!!!!!
a Super Deep mix for your ears in these tough times with all that is happening presently we would like to be on the positive side  by recording for you mixes to take the edge off.. 

info about Brown Jay ...

He is no ordinary Monk he digs in the archives and selects different styles as portrayed in this mix , He specialises in Deep house, Lounge,Deep Tech and  Funk. He was influnced by Djs that played music in the same Caliber  and his played at  The White House Meadowlands, Box Shop  and also R1WRadio  online podcast. He Just started his Telepathy Radio project please check it here Telepathy.
for bookings:Facebook
He has been  a Dj from November 2004.


artist- Title 

Pablo Boliver- Senda 

Powel -Tuesday blues

Rick Wade - techno creap

Zoo look - sight unseen

JT Donaldson featuring Liv.e - Stay Inside (Extended Remix)

kerri chandler -  I Never knew her 

Kraak & Snaak - dolce for niente(kassian remix)

local options -After glow 

?? -??

micronoise - Black light motel

Miguel Migs   & Aya- so far

Miss patty - sing along (Mdu Homeboy mix)

mood j - dont cha

mood j- looking forward

nature boy- on fire (piano version)

phaze Dee- the next step

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please stay safe and take care of yourself and loved ones please share the mix.!!!

Friday, 23 October 2020

BHT #037 Msendy

Greetings we have an exclusive mix by Msendy the man who has outdone his selection in this mix and balanced it with timeless music for your head nodding rhythm receptors. To find out more please check his Facebook profile Msendy and book him for any future events.


Msendy is a long time music collector and a deep house enthusiast, focusing on a broad spectrum within this genre of music. From 2012, he has been able to share his musical experiences with the world through his podcast called Msendy's Deep Perspectives, currently running on Soundcloud. This has gained him a substantial following in the underground mix scene. He also hosted the African show during the inception of Mix People FM - internet radio that was based in Spain. 

Being directly active from 2011, he has played alongside with some of the respected underground local heads. He has also collaborated mixes with some of the renowned house heads abroad.

Msendy is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His mixes are available on the following platforms:-


Artist - Title

1.Adham Zahan- voyage to the Journey
2. Chocky - soul Alive
3.Anneke Laurent - Diop (Tilman remix)
4.North Lake - Hearing Voices
5.Bantam Lions - Recollections
6. Manuel Darquart - Mike's trippin
7. Taron Trekka - Straff Affo
8. Theo Parish - Paradise Architects
9. Colm K - Seeing
10.Kaled - Simply Slow
11.Nebraska - Khan's Bargain(Tom Noble remix)

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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

BHT 036 Manuel Costela (Spain)

Greetings friends we have an Exclusive mix by the man behind Bucketround Recordings and he has many releases on several labels we a delighted to have him in the a mix. check out his Soundcloud  Manuel Costela


 Costela Grew up with a musical culture of “Soul and Funk” his music is mostly Deep House with touches of soul and disco that define his particular style. His performances are defined with big enthusiasm to make people dance and create that fun party atmosphere.In 2005, he began working as a producer and started the Bucketround label, which currently goes by the tenth reference and only produces in vinyl format. Bucketround was born from the initial idea of merging funk with Deephouse music, publishing works of artists who are able to risk a bit in music production and to create a community of famous artists, collaborating with producers that are emerging right now.His last project is a new digital label, called 2phonic Recordings, that was created to discover new talented artists, based on electronic music, experimenting with different pre-defined styles.

Costela has worked and is working in countless labels of international prestige some of them are: TH Pressing (Japan), Sub_Urban, TRAX Records, Deep Explorer Music, Mate, Nang Records, Deepart Sounds, Black Jack Records, Melodica Records, Klassik (Chicago), Bucketround, 2phonic Recordings, Moiss Music, Discoweey, Lisztomania, Hot Digits, Delve Deeper, Deep Sense, MoodyHouse, Disco Balls, Spa In Disco, Cyanide, Closer To Truth, Thunder jam, Deepwit Recordings, Different Attitudes, Cenital Music, Crooks & Villains, Real Balearic, Golden Soul, Mole Music, Myriad Black Records, Lovely and many more.



01.TAOS - La Maison de Jacques (Tour-Rhythm’n’Keys Remix)
02.Tony Lionni - Harlem Hustle
03.Tomi Chair (Tominori Hosoya) - Snow Glitter
04.Urulu - Moon Unit (Ben La Desh Remix)
05.Velta Cap - Stranger Than Paradise (Terrence Pearce Remix)
06.Roberto Rodriguez - HatYouPutMeThrou (Instrumental)
07.Opolopo - Our World feat.Erik Rico (House mix)
08.Natural Calamy - And That’s Saying A Lot (Groove Armada 2nd Dub)
09.Max Graef & Andy Hart - Pass The Mortel (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
10.Motor City Drum Ensemble - There’s A Truth
11.Daniel Lesseman - So Fine
12.Simon Garcia - Radians

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Stay Safe Stay deep!!!!!!!

Saturday, 13 June 2020

BHT 035 Andre Holthausen(Germany)

Basement House Tapes presents A new Exclusive Guest mix by the man Andre Haulthausen based in Münster( Germany).The man behind show BHT022 PART 2 has yet returned to do a Guest mix for Basement house Tapes.

Short Bio:

Andrew the Muensterran native has been a DJ in Muenster for over 6 years and has residency falls in Fyal and Pension Schmidt, these are very popular hot spots for dance music and the underground culture in Muenster and the surrounding areas. With his selection and style of deep and house he has already earned good reputation, Andre started collecting records 5 years ago and has never stopped digging till this day…

To find out more about Andre please visit his Sound cloud Page 

Andre's Definition about the mix "My mix for Puppet Shop is very traditional deep house and house heavy"

# -Artist- Title

1.Super Jim Z - Deep In Paradise 
2.Rick Wade - Another Galaxy 
3.Schatrax - Champagne Dancer 
4.Julius Steinhoff - Forgotten Garden
5.Baaz - Cant't Take It Away 
6.Agnes - Who Cares! 
7.Karizma - Tech This Out 
8.Urulu - Romance Track (W/ Paul Cut)
9.Galcher Lustwerk - Put On
10.Sebastian Gummersbach - Those Were The Days 
11.Sascha Dive - Detroit Sunrise 
12.9TH House - Keeping Me Up

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please share the mix with  your friends and stay deep!!!! keep safe stay home!!!!!