Friday, 9 December 2016

BHT -010 Franque Clandestine

To round the year off 2016 was nice filled with mixes  all around the Globe we would like to thank all our fans for listening and being with us.cheers!!!! you all rock
Half of the Label owner Franque Clandestine selected some deeep house for the last month .Hope to have a blissful  2017 cheers Enjoy the the Next coming week we have Manel Sanmartin from Spain


1.Vakula-Bug powder
2.Crocodile Soup-sublime Passion(Peter Cvetkovic Remix)
3.Genny G-woddy cut
4.Deep Square-Sativa
5.Jesus Gonsev-Walking in the Glass( TheUnhottest Remix)
6.Simonico-space is the place
7.Helly Larson,Riccicomto-Sollaris (original Mix)
8Fanco Cinelli-F-Trip
11-Black Jazz Consortium-Stay

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