Thursday 22 December 2016

BHT 010- part 2 Manel Sanmartin(Spain)

The man who is  resident  of two record labels took time to select nice heavy deep house tunes for you  a faithful BHT Follower
this is what Manel Sanmartin gets busy with
  • Former DJing at Divine Bookings
  • Former Disc Jockey at Djconexionglobalradio
  • Former Disc Jockey (DJ) at Orange Nova Club - Página 
    to get in touch with Manel  manelsanmartin
    Kenzoo - Five Senses (Original Mix)
    Big Al- Underground (Original Mix)
    Igor Gonya - Puzzle (Original Mix)
    Alex Schuroff - Noise (Manel Sanmartin Remix)
    Deeper System - Warm States (Deephope Remix)
     Tahir jones- Waitin' On You (Original Mix)

    from the puppetshop crew Enjoy guys have great a festive season and Remember to tell your friends about the podcast see you next year with a lot of packed shows

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Friday 9 December 2016

BHT -010 Franque Clandestine

To round the year off 2016 was nice filled with mixes  all around the Globe we would like to thank all our fans for listening and being with us.cheers!!!! you all rock
Half of the Label owner Franque Clandestine selected some deeep house for the last month .Hope to have a blissful  2017 cheers Enjoy the the Next coming week we have Manel Sanmartin from Spain


1.Vakula-Bug powder
2.Crocodile Soup-sublime Passion(Peter Cvetkovic Remix)
3.Genny G-woddy cut
4.Deep Square-Sativa
5.Jesus Gonsev-Walking in the Glass( TheUnhottest Remix)
6.Simonico-space is the place
7.Helly Larson,Riccicomto-Sollaris (original Mix)
8Fanco Cinelli-F-Trip
11-Black Jazz Consortium-Stay

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Saturday 19 November 2016

BHT 009 part 2 Tension (Germany,Bielefeld,Nulectric,be sure)

 Its another week of the Bi weekly  mix series we present to you Tension from Bielefeld his music productions and  dj mixes are just is a short bio about the man

Born in Lipsia (Germany) in 1988, he was interested in various styles of music already in
his childhood. Inspired by the musical collection of his parents, he defined his roots
in Rock, Metal and also nineties Soul and Hip Hop. By the first visites of local clubs and festivals, he discovered the electronic music scene
and was fascinated by techno acts like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills or labels like Basic Channel,
Perlon or even Ninja Tunes.
Driven by the minimal Sounds of the millenium years, djing and producing weren't far away.
Based on this mixed influences he always creates a certain deepness in his music, trying to
express feelings and experiences in his sounds and dj sets. Music for the mind.

 this is his current release check it out
  he has released on alot of labels like Deepstitched,be sure, Nulectric,attache  and  so much more

Artist- tittle 
E110 - Soroka (Indeepend Rework)
Rhythm & Sound - Range
Conforce - Vacuum
Deepchord - Ghost Theory
Joey Anderson - Mind Set
Peverelist & Hodge - Bells (Dream Sequence)
Joey Anderson - Dive Deep
Population One - Out Of Control
Planetary Assault Systems - Radiance
Tension - Wipe
Stefan Vincent - Doubtful Sentinent
Subset - Live From Oaks Road

download, stream and tell your friends about this remember to buy music and keep in mind that we go by with a little help

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Thursday 3 November 2016

BHT 009 part 1 Allamp yellow (puppetshop-statLab)

Brand New BHT By our usual residence he did a deep house mix for a your clear ears so download and share the mix he did. download stream ,share,repost

Track list
Number -Catalogue
3- pc28
13 -LP11

its always a  question mark who did what copy and past the catalogue number on any search engine you use to get full artist info and stream .cheers enjoy!!!
Guest mix in two weeks time its Tension from Bielefield

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Thursday 20 October 2016

BHT 008 part 2 Get Down Edits (Ireland)

Brand new BHT from the Get Down Ddits .For the disco lovers and house
The get down edits are Martin Roche and Darren Dalton.They run a  label called the get down edits.check their Music productions and so much much more .

Enjoy the mix please tell your friends about the mix and share as well.

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Saturday 8 October 2016

BHT part 1 Episode 008 Franque Clandestine

Another Episode friends even better as always  Label owner Franque clandestine  did a BHT mix to you make feel the deeepness in your face .


Track tittle

1.Sraunus-Endless Guitar
2 lavil-puppetshop( Unreleased )
4.Deymare-Back In Time (Original mix;)
5.Ray Valioso-Groove Memories
6.Finest Wear-The Storm
7.The Persuader-Vitsippa
8.Rodrigo DP-Flammarion (Original Mix)
9.chris carrier & jef k -windtalkers (original  mix)
11.jacob korn and san soda-the music
13.Alix Alvarez-Simple
14.Frank Hellmond -Sunday
15.Daniel Meister-Morning After (Diwex Remix)
16.Mandar-Naughty Mandar
17.Auji Industries-Parachute
18.Kisk, Undeep-4Friends (Original mix)
19.James Teej-Fame (Cisco Cisco remix)

Guest mix for this month by the  get down edits

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 remember we get down with a little help!!!

Friday 23 September 2016

BHT 007 Part 2 Xgroovefinder Guest mix (no parking on the Dancefloor)

As listeners OF BHT you Know that Xgrovefinder has done a mix for us before in previous show so this is another edition of that mix. So grab the mix stream it and follow us and subscribe to the blog .cheers !!!!

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Friday 9 September 2016

BHT 007 Part 1 Ipaddy

Brand new mix by ipaddy if you like deep house and a bit of twist this is for you .no tracklist for this just jam and enjoy.Please share and download this .remember we get by with a little help!!!!!!!!

have a nice weekend and the guestmix is x grovefinder wait for 2 weeks and it will be available cheers

Thursday 18 August 2016

BHT 006 part 2 Richard Savani (Brazil)

To all the listeners of the deeep we must all know Richard savani  he has been around for a while he has releases on several labels and the deep he does is just prolific he took time to do a guest mix for puppetshop. to all those who don t know him yet check him out at  Richard-Savani the labels he as released on are as  follows

 Paunchy Cat Records

Sea Of Sand

Tranzmitter Records

Complex Textures

Select Case

Gastspiel Records

Rock Sucks Records

Wasabi Recordings

Dish Of The Day

Conya Germany Records

Puzzle Heads

Piston Recordings

LW Recordings

Tulipa Recordings

High Definition Record

Clubstream Mix

Beachtown Records

Clubstream Green

Gastspiel Germany

Maisons Minimalistes

1. Liquid Phonk - Was It Love (Original Mix)
2. Blakkat, Langenberg - Shadows (Frank, Tony Remix)
3. Charcott - Amora (Original Mix)
4. Robbie Akbal, Muk.ti - You & Your Friends (Original Mix)
5. Robbie Akbal, Veronika Fleyta - Sun Warrior (Original Mix)
6. Richard Savani - Love Revenge (Unreleased)
7. Mr Morek - Haunted House (Dubfound Remix)
8. Stimming, Piper Davis - Southern Sun (Original Mix)
9. Rodrigo Soria - Wakeful (Original Mix)
10. YokoO, Michelle Owen - Just Call My Name (YokoO's Velvet Retouch)
11. Artette - Marina (Loz Goddard Remix)
12. KiNK vs. Marc Romboy - Over and Out (Original Mix)


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Thursday 21 July 2016

BHT 006 Part 1 North City Dub Ensemble (puppetshop/stat-Lab)

NEW BHT 006 part 1 N.C.D.E
 Label owner and executive at puppet shop took time to select raw grooves for you listening pleasure so please download share the feeling its free
 and always remember we get by with a little help so please download share with your friends drop it on Facebook any social media.and we have a guest mix coming soon in two weeks time it will be uploaded Be safe stay deep!!!!!

artist title-Label
1. Lucjan-You Wish (Original Mix) [DUST]
2. Chi Thanh-Let's Play (Mat.joe Remix) [OFF Recordings] .
3. Filippo Vicario-Venus (Original Mix) [Underground City]
 4. Haze-M & Flex Cop-Have I Got Your Attention (Original Mix) [Pop Art]
5. Mika Olson-How Does It Feel (Haze-M Remix) [LOCO Records]
 6. Roland Nights-Hide Seek (Timmy P's Slo Mo Fo Remix) [Deep Edition Recordings]
7. Roland Nights-You Me [Deep Edition Recordings]
8. Sello-Praise Him (Original Mix) [Mood Music]
9. ThermalBear-Wasn't Me (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
10. Thomas Langner-What If (Original Mix).mp3) [DUST]
11. ThermalBear-Make Rekkids (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
 12. Tripmann-Music Behaviour [Mojaar Records]
 13. Harry Wolfman-Booty Call (Pete Dafeet's Bonus Dub) [Lost My Dog]
 14. Seidensticker, Salour - Down The Road (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
15. Tmp-Radio Amazigh (Pete Dafeet Remix) [Lost My Dog]

If you like underground support the artist

BHT 005 Part 2 Guest mix Lebsta

 Lebsta is a Percussionist From soweto  Johannesburg He has worked with likes of mafikizolo ,micasa and a lot of industry giants   a friend and a supporter of BHT .He did a deep dub techno mix enjoy BHT  

BHT 005 PArt 2 Tracklist
1)pablo Boliver & sensual -because of this
2)Dopium.Lohan P.Raw remix)vele
3)Dubbed out-nitin
4)Grey lines v2-dave marian
5)Thought forms (patress Remix) Overshift
6)unknown 003-Dave marian
7)Afools pleasure-Overshift
8)Night drive-Lake people
9)Brooklyn city -Pedro silva
10)The heat-Duff disco
11)Humble me-overshift
12)116 original-marco niemei
13)bass walk -rafaelle effe dub

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 till next month cheers

Wednesday 6 July 2016

BHT 005 Allamp yellow

hey check out the new BHT episode by Allamp yellow part 1
 one of our very residents at the show as well as artist
spread the word let people  get in your deep ear !!!

1)tension-Low sunday( unreleased)
3)Arnaldo-Family(Blank slate)
4)Ortella-Work that shit(steaward dubz)-(Rutilance Recordings)
5)Deepchild-Backroom (salz remix)-(Talrae)
6)pablo boliver-what to do(deep vision)-(Seven villas)
7)Roaming-Our dream of-(smallville)
8)Joel vibes & bhunu brill-music that soothes me Frana's raw classic mix)- (Gruv shack records)
9)Patrick Klein & dario Reimann-Aftermath-(Subtil records)
10)Damiano von Erkert-No fish in detroit-(Ava)
12)Kyodai-do you wanna(cadatta's chilled move remix)-Mauk Music
13)The playerz, The wizard Brian coxx-The essence(Seamless Recordings)
14)Delano smith-(Togetherness-sushitech records)

Support the artist suppor the label .have a nice weekend

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Wednesday 8 June 2016

BHT #004-Part 2 (Peter J Painter)

Vinyl spinner took time to select tunes for BHT todays  guest Mr  Peter J Painter (England ,Uk)
 Check out his monthly mixes that he does at Peter J Painter 
ODE - #000000A (ODE)
 S. Moreira – Do You want Me (Slowlife) 
BLM – Grapes (Bush)
 Koloman - Impression I - The Sea (Sound Mirror)
 S.A.M. - Luisiana (ISEE)
 Linkwood - Object (Ghosts Of The Sky Remix) (Firecracker)
 Christopher Rau – Rg En El Casa (Smallville) 
Merrick – Understand House (Dance Around 88)
 White Material – Put On (White Material) 
Big Strick – Twisted Faith (7 Days Entertainment) 
John Swing – Get Rhythm (Tap-A-Conga Mix) (Relative)
 WC0016 & Abono – B1 Untitled (Allisandnot) 
Waitress – B1 (Tape Archive)
share this please lets support the artist cheer
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Monday 6 June 2016

BHT 004 Franque ClanDestine

 a new mix for BHT Label owner Franque clanDestine is back with a brand new mix for this month. .The last track on the mix is by him check out his soundcloud ClanDestine   

Enjoy share the deepness!!!!!!

Thursday 12 May 2016

BHT 003 part 2 Konstantin Olias

Coming from Germany  We have a guest  Mix By Konstantin olias
He has outdone himself with mixes he has done for various podcast & radio shows

He is hosting one of local South African Dj find out more at


01. lootbeg - they wonder why (jan ketel mix) 
02. jay shepheard - the party`s upstairs
 03.lovebirds - peroe
 04. ridney - left my heart at mambo 
05. thrilogy - hold me in your arms
 06. mystep - juz try 
07. speed painters - australien boy (harvey sutherland mix)
 08. jay shepheard - k3 
09. chaos in the cbd - 78 to stanley bay 
10. saand - fiddler (tigerskin & till von sein mix)
 11. mr. zee morez - in my life time

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cheers have a nice weekend !!!!

Saturday 7 May 2016

BHT 003 Part 1-N.C.D.E

brand new mix from our one half label owner North City Dub Ensemble
more about him
Sound designer|Engineer|Producer| from Johannesburg South Africa. My stage name is N.C.D.E (North.City.Dub.Ensemble) and my alias is (Giles-Of-Ham). I am a co-founder of Station Laboratory Records(Stat-Lab) & Puppet Shop Records which are indie labels and I am one half of a group called Rogues&Vagabonds. I am a music lover and most of my music is influenced by my ancient origins as I am a person who reads quite a lot about ancient arts & history. In the underground scene I am influenced by a lot of musicians from different genres namely Bonobo; Floating Points; Jimpster; Simon Garcia; Osunlade; Fela Kuti; Boby Mcferrin; Marcus Miller; Cinematic Orchestra; Trickski; Savoonga; Robert Glasper; Kc Benjamin; Dj Koze; M.ono; Dave Aju; & the list goes on. I make my music from the heart & having said that it means I am not fixed to just making one genre of music, though deep house is what I mostly enjoy creating. Follow the link below and have a listen to the work I've done and the work of my partner & co-founder of Station Laboratory Records (Franque Clandestine). If you hear something you like, follow me on twitter @IamGiles_Of_Ham
on Facebook like the Pages

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chech him on soundcloud

Monday 25 April 2016

BHT 002 part 2 Xgroovefinder

 x groovefinder deep mix for your soul
from Johannesburg South Africa been on the deep house seen for a while now
 a prolific selector enjoy

download share ,copy your friends on usb 
find him on

Tuesday 19 April 2016

BHT 002 - by Allamp yellow

check out the new mix allamp yellow dd for BhT episode 002
Part A
Download and share
1. deep 88 & melchior sultana - days go by(12 records)
2.Baaz-tweeny tea (office recordings)
3.Berg- montag(Berg)
4.Alex danilov-Filter d(housewax)
5.manuel Romero- sunset (miniatura records)
6. The unhottest- Job lose (isendit)
7 Noha- Cables(cabinet)
8.Andre lodemann-unknown desire(best works records)
9.Eskimo-Neustrelitz ?
10.Christopher rau-Like yesterday (smallville)
11.Schwanbeck-I don't understand (quantec remix)-Echocord
12.Arcarsenal-suzgun beats(underground quality) Aakmael-Empty(hizou deep rooted music)
14.Kovyazin D-Winter district(Chiwax)

Thursday 31 March 2016

BHT # Rocco C 001 Part 2

BHT  Episode 001 Part 2

Today  for the 1st time we have a Guestmix from Germany
Rocco C

He is good selector and has a profile for timeless mixes .Very excited to have him on the show. A good friend to the puppetshop records
He is done mixes  for these podcast Happy listening! please share
deepspace podcast (brazil) , deep house (Latvia) , deep house radio (ireland) deep vibes radio (london uk) , dream drums show (uk) , french fruechte (england) , freak da funk show for myhouseyourhouse (England)


1. Chaos In The CBD - Control ( Chaos In The CBD Remix) , unknown
2. Giorgio Luceri - The Piano Overdub ( Scope & Sydney Young Remix) , Seven Music 
3. Antenna Happy - Rotor (Late Mix) Antenna Happy 
4. Violets - Sunset , Unknown Reason 
5. KP Deep Mesh - Warning (Spritual Afro Deep) , Deep Mesh Recordings 
6. Lars Leonhard - Citylights (Original Mix) , Bine 
7. Lockwood - Let’s Talk (Original Mix) , Dessous Recordings 
8. Joel Alter - Mecca (Jor-el’s Magic Touch) , Uncanny Valley
 9. DJ Koze - Let’s Love (Original Mix) , IRR (International Records Recordings) 
10. Relative - Don’t Be Afraid (For the Next 7 Minutes) , Gold Nite Records
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