Monday 21 October 2019

BHT 031 part 1 Franque Clandestine (mamma 's groove)

A mix compiled from the racks of Franque 's moms vinyl collection its indeed a journey first of its kind for Basement House Tapes, its a vinyl only mix consisting of under ground grooves that were dugged for your ears.

The music genre in this mix is chilled out lounge and some good soul funk get in the grooves !!!

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1.Lakutshoni ilanga [side A]-mangwane
2.Batsumi [side B]- itumeleng
3.Dollar brand [side B] - The Pilgrim
4.Quincy jones [side A]-Gula matari
5.Nina Simone [side A]-Westwind
6.Gil Scott-Heron [side B]-The prisoner
7.Donald Byrd[side A]-Black Byrd
8.The Crusaders [side A]-That's how i feel
9.Stevie Wonder[side C]-Black Man
10.YesterdayToday&Tomorrow Spinners[side B]-honey I'm in love with you
11.Clarence Carter[side B]-fighting to keep my head above water
12.Timmy Thomas[side A]-iv got to see you tonight
13.Skatana[side A]-funny

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forth coming Guest mix by Russian Tank