Saturday 19 November 2016

BHT 009 part 2 Tension (Germany,Bielefeld,Nulectric,be sure)

 Its another week of the Bi weekly  mix series we present to you Tension from Bielefeld his music productions and  dj mixes are just is a short bio about the man

Born in Lipsia (Germany) in 1988, he was interested in various styles of music already in
his childhood. Inspired by the musical collection of his parents, he defined his roots
in Rock, Metal and also nineties Soul and Hip Hop. By the first visites of local clubs and festivals, he discovered the electronic music scene
and was fascinated by techno acts like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills or labels like Basic Channel,
Perlon or even Ninja Tunes.
Driven by the minimal Sounds of the millenium years, djing and producing weren't far away.
Based on this mixed influences he always creates a certain deepness in his music, trying to
express feelings and experiences in his sounds and dj sets. Music for the mind.

 this is his current release check it out
  he has released on alot of labels like Deepstitched,be sure, Nulectric,attache  and  so much more

Artist- tittle 
E110 - Soroka (Indeepend Rework)
Rhythm & Sound - Range
Conforce - Vacuum
Deepchord - Ghost Theory
Joey Anderson - Mind Set
Peverelist & Hodge - Bells (Dream Sequence)
Joey Anderson - Dive Deep
Population One - Out Of Control
Planetary Assault Systems - Radiance
Tension - Wipe
Stefan Vincent - Doubtful Sentinent
Subset - Live From Oaks Road

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Thursday 3 November 2016

BHT 009 part 1 Allamp yellow (puppetshop-statLab)

Brand New BHT By our usual residence he did a deep house mix for a your clear ears so download and share the mix he did. download stream ,share,repost

Track list
Number -Catalogue
3- pc28
13 -LP11

its always a  question mark who did what copy and past the catalogue number on any search engine you use to get full artist info and stream .cheers enjoy!!!
Guest mix in two weeks time its Tension from Bielefield

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