Saturday 13 June 2020

BHT 035 Andre Holthausen(Germany)

Basement House Tapes presents A new Exclusive Guest mix by the man Andre Haulthausen based in M√ľnster( Germany).The man behind show BHT022 PART 2 has yet returned to do a Guest mix for Basement house Tapes.

Short Bio:

Andrew the Muensterran native has been a DJ in Muenster for over 6 years and has residency falls in Fyal and Pension Schmidt, these are very popular hot spots for dance music and the underground culture in Muenster and the surrounding areas. With his selection and style of deep and house he has already earned good reputation, Andre started collecting records 5 years ago and has never stopped digging till this day…

To find out more about Andre please visit his Sound cloud Page 

Andre's Definition about the mix "My mix for Puppet Shop is very traditional deep house and house heavy"

# -Artist- Title

1.Super Jim Z - Deep In Paradise 
2.Rick Wade - Another Galaxy 
3.Schatrax - Champagne Dancer 
4.Julius Steinhoff - Forgotten Garden
5.Baaz - Cant't Take It Away 
6.Agnes - Who Cares! 
7.Karizma - Tech This Out 
8.Urulu - Romance Track (W/ Paul Cut)
9.Galcher Lustwerk - Put On
10.Sebastian Gummersbach - Those Were The Days 
11.Sascha Dive - Detroit Sunrise 
12.9TH House - Keeping Me Up

To download the mix  

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please share the mix with  your friends and stay deep!!!! keep safe stay home!!!!!