Thursday 14 December 2017

BHT 021 part 1 I paddy

Our Resident Dj I paddy has blesssed us with a blissful show this year December so relax tune into the mix and get down with it. Unfortunately there is no tracklist .

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 Stay deep Remember we get by with a little help the next mix will be a guest mix from Dj Jeff

Saturday 11 November 2017

BHT 020 Part 2 Wolford Heifer

Dj and producer Wolford Heifer has recorded a mix for Puppetshop records. He is known for his deep house mix tapes and the merchandise he carries for Big bait records.
Artist - Title

1. Edit Murphy - You Got The Look
2.Goshawk - High In The Evergreens
3. Liquid Phonk - Izey
4. Tilman - Waving Autumn Leaves
 5. Rick Wade - Eclipse (Peter Clamat Remix )
 6. Leon Revol - Embers
 7. Intr0beatz - Trees Breez
 8. Paradiso Rhythm - Sands In Resort
 9. Simplex Motive - Confined Spaces
10. Peter Clamat - Midikreislauf 106
11. Trentz - Shapes
12. Monikca - Tokyo
13. Crackazat - Called My Name (Meet The Band)
14. Chasse - City Lights
15. Frank H III, My Step - Need You Back (Dudley Strangeways Remix)
16. Baldo - Its A Zanzibar (Gareth David Remix )
 17. Smoothless - Alma (Dub Deep Mix)

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Friday 27 October 2017

BHT 20 part 1 Franque Clandestine

A very warm Welcome to this months show with packed tunes for the listeners of the deep .Our resident Franque Clandestine selected eclectic and dubby tunes for you this month.

 Soha- perc Natural
Hugo lx- its about that time
Benedict frey- untitled 3
Antony colonardi- Distanta in timp (andreas bergmann remx)
Livio groza - out of town
Luc ringeisen- inifini (funk E remix)
leo Tou- skyline

Monday 2 October 2017

BHT 019 part 2 by D4eep (sensor Podcast Tundra Mixteip) USA

Collector and DJ D4eep, He has mix tapes  that are found on the archives from Sensor podcast and tundra mixteip. Click here to find out more D4eep no track list for this mix enjoy !!!.

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Thursday 21 September 2017

BHT 019 Franque Clandestine part 1

Resident Dj Franque Clandestine has supplied us with a mix. Its deep as always and support the show tell your friends about the podcast share the mixes via usb and links.

Edward-Lets Go
Jack Zwarts-Oohhh (Original Mix)
Leon feat. Corrina Joseph - I follow you (Deetron Springtime Leaves Remix)
Offshore & Coen - Together
move d-untitled 2
ethyl huxley-3 feet high(roman flugel deep mix 2)
Hector - Hide (Delano Smith Mix)
Philipp Ort - Knight (Anthea Mix)
Fred P.-Dawn

Saturday 19 August 2017

BHT 18 Mr Fonk(S4AW) Germany

This month Mr Fonk from Germany selected and recorded a mix for puppet shop records. He runs the label Smile for a while. to find out more visit S4AW


Mr.Fonk has been listening to electronic music since 1992, DJing for 17 years now. He's playing a rough mix of oldschool House & Tek with a little bit of black magic. "Smile for a while" is his label & party series in Berlin + sublabel "All That Jelly"

Mr.Fonk was born in Nuremberg / Germany in the year of 1979 and soon came in touch with the music of the 80s: Wave, New Romantic, Italo Disco but also genuine Radio Pop began to inspire him. His love for music started to strengthen through House & Techno during the 1990s. This special, subcultural scene was exactly what he had always been looking for. Regularly visiting clubs like "mach 1" in Nuremberg, “Ultraschall” in Munich, “U60311” in Frankfurt or “Stammheim” in Kassel that pleasure grew deeper. By the year of 2000 he made his first steps behind the turntables.

Between 2001 and 2005 he was playing gigs throughout Germany – “Harry Klein” in Munich, “ARM” in Kassel, “Hirsch” and “Zoom Club” in Nuremberg, “Orange” in Stuttgart or “Kunstwerk” in Cologne, just to name a few. In 2005 he made a completely new start in Frankfurt. There he played in almost all of the small & big clubs like U60311, MTW, Tanzhaus West, Silbergold, Rockmarket, Ruderclub, LIDO, etc.

Still being in Frankfurt Mr. Fonk started the "smile for a while" party series, in 2011 - together with his partner in crime D.Soul. Parties in well-established clubs, illegal open airs and offlocation Raves saw gigs of innovative international acts like I:Cube, Vakula, Move D, Iron Curtis, Anonym, etc. The next step was an own Label, releasing music of long term friends but also young newcomers from Frankfurt. Since the start in 2013 there have been remixes and tracks of acts like Johannes Albert, Monosoul, Iron Curtis, Borrowed Identity and Janis, the fourth release will be published in early April 2015.

Mr.Fonk’s versatile, genre-crossing sound reflects his passion for music. It’s not about playing hits en masse or about copying the latest musical trends. It’s about providing a challenging, timeless listening and dancing experience for the audience. His sets are taking the crowd on a journey, into sound, time and space, featuring pumping House Music, straight Techno, funky Disco and more likely, everything in between...
in August 2015 Mr.Fonk moved to Berlin.

01. Ron Wilson - Prove It To Me (Club Mix) - 1990
02.John Dahlbäck - The Backseat - 2002
 03. Azuni feat. Bolo - Feel It - 2011 
04. Batidos - Tengo Sed (Ron Trent Mix) - 2001 
05. Marcellus Malik Pittman - A Walk Trough Osaka - 2005
06. USG feat. Monica Elam - Life 4 Living - 1998 
07. Kerri Chandler - Je T'aime (Main Mix) - 2007 
08. Ron Trent - Energy - ??? 
09. Hugo LX - Part 1 / The Diary - 2016 
10. The Brothers Leeb - Can You? - 2017
11. Ron Carroll pres. The RC Groove Project - The Sermon (Ron's Beatapella) - 2000 
12. DJ with Soul - Just A Soulful Instrumental - 2016
13. JWL - Me And My Diva - 2016 
14. Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong - 2000

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Saturday 5 August 2017

BHT 017 part 2 T.Riveiro(welikemusic)

A Brand new my one Mixtape from spain by the man T.riverio . He played deep house with a soulful excursion here is his bio:

Dj with an already consecrated trajectory of years of dedication to the world of the dishes ... Pinched or shared cabin with international and national dj's ... Edie Amador, Sergio Patricio, David Gausa, Gigi D'Agostino, Zen'o and many more ... like Pacha Platja D'aro, Class, Viva Empuriabrava, B-ART, Palm Beach, among many others ... With more than 20 years to the dishes, this dj does not lack friends in the cabin .. always has Site for his friends since he is considered humble in cabin and outside of it ... his now in several places and with new projects ..Please support the labels and the artist.

track list
1. Finger Bib - Without Words
2. Panthera Krause - If (Benjamin Frohlich Basic Refix) 
3. Kosmas - Intentions (Einsauszwei remix) 
4. Botana & David Etienne - Seed 
5. Haiku 575 - Would You Die For Me
6. Aki Bergen & Richter, Luben - Rituals (In a Winter Night) 
7. Alex Arnout - Primal (Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito Remix) 
8.LA ROSE - Do U Want It Too (Misfa Stereo Remix) 
9.Mark Alow, Avance - Quechua (Original Mix)
10.Self Explanatory Penumbra Original Mix 
11.Wayik - Ice Swell Original Mix.

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Stay deeep!!!

Sunday 16 July 2017

BHT 017 Part 1 Allamp Yellow

Resident mix by Allamp Yellow is our BI -weekly Resident and he strikes this episode with solid tunes from his Record bag.

Track list
Iron Curtis-reset me(Office)
Baaz- absent(office)
the Persuader-Blacklocka-(Tadis)
Christopher Rau- The cool world(smallville)
Herb Lf -Trennschiebe(Doppelgaenger)
jarno-Untitled 3(Deep Explorer)
Sarp Yilmaz - Back To Me (Original Mix) [Society 3.0]
lewie day-500 shades(Murmur Records)
Alvaro Hylander-stop loz goddard remix(Apollo)
ivano tetelepta - smokin' g (Fear Of flying)
Senzala- spiral( politics of dancing Digital)
Sebo K- Mr Duke alternative version(Mobilee)
Tilman tausendfreund-Elgygytgyn(ContentIsMissing)
John Jastszebski-fevrier(bass Culture)
on the next show 
Guest  coming from T.Riverio from Spain. Stay deep!!!! Remember to share

Saturday 1 July 2017

BHT 16 Part 2 Thales Boutroumlis(Nulectric,Germany)

A young Dj and produce from Cologne Germany. He his outdone himself with this chill out mix .He always does something out of the ordinary check out his upcoming E.P will be out this Monday. Check his sound and buy his music Nulectric Ep

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Saturday 24 June 2017

BHT 016 Part 1 Franque Clandestine

Hey BHT followers we have a new show by the man Franque Clandestine a resident at Puppetshop the affiliated label with this podcast.this mix is straight forward 90 minutes and there is no track list for this mix kindly post a comment and he will get back to you

Coming up next week Guess mix by thales Boutroumlis Stay Deeep enjoy Share with your friends feel free to keep in touch via email

Saturday 3 June 2017

BHT-015 part Zen'o (welikemusic)

Producer and selector Zen'o did a mix for puppetshop records. His selection is a deep sound with some soulful sounds .He has been prominent within the the realm of  underground music In Spain 

Dj characterized by his great passion in this world, passion for the people who follow him in his works. With a strong and elegant character at the same time, it makes of its sessions a trip where all the public feels at ease and enjoys the night. He has had the luck to collaborate and to puncture in rooms like: Pacha Girona, Fata Morgana, Millenium & Cosmic Club, Deluxe Madrid, Instinct Room BCN, VIP Disco in VIC, Blau Club, Sauvage, Classic Cafè, La Plage Beach Club, Passarel·la Empuriabrava etc ....
Shared cabin with djs known nationally and internationally, of the size as for example: Alonzo Dj, Ruben Monte S, Manel Sanmartin, Allan Ramirez, Peter Brown, Casual Sound, Edu Casado, Tony Cox, J.Louis, Marsal Ventura, Sergi Domene, Luxury Dj .... Producer since the year 2009, has several tracks in Beatport and in recognized albums of the panorama house, being included for example in the album of the MIAMI WORLD MUSIC CONFERENCE 2011 and in albums of the well-known label GLAM RECORDS. His works have been published in labels like, Filthy Grooving, Glam Records, Six Sound Records, Tekno Crew, inhuman records, Apsides Records, Intech Records, DPM Records, among others.

 Track List

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from puppetshop Crew
Enjoy !!!!!!

Sunday 21 May 2017

BHT 015- part 1 Allamp yellow

 a new show as promised our schedule for this month is kinda not the same as the previous  months but we got a packed show for you

 track list

Artist - title - label
Pablo Boliver-Destination Nara-AvantRoots
Guran tech-Antea-Artefact Records
Beesmunt Sound system-Rachel starr-Soweso Records
Toeflinger-Searchin(Sin musik)
Ortella-Dirty mindz(Rutilance)
Borrowed identity -faith(Thomas Steiler's Id remix)
Rag Dabbons- c  La Qui Arive-D.KO Records
 Wally Stryk-Serena(londonGround remix-Deepclass Records
Lawrence- Iluminated (Kattenkarusell Remix) {Mule Musiq)
marc schol-Liquid-All day I dream
Sello.Borrowed identity -tool X-(neovinyl)
cHRISTOPHER rau-Girl-Smallville Records,
Quarion - Searching(Drumpoet Community)

Guestmix by Zen Ó spirit coming soon from Spain

Wednesday 3 May 2017

BHT-014 Part 2 Mrsmith (SDL)

Brand new mix by the man Mrsmith From something different LIfestyle he has headlined alot of deep house parties with the likes of uni Dgeoff , Nuno Estevez to name a few he did a raw deep mix for BHT follow him on facebook at mrsmith 

Enjoy the show no tracklist drop the comment and I think Mrsmith will be able to  answer

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we get by with the little help support and reshare cheers Enjoy the mix

Friday 21 April 2017

BHT 014 Franque Clandestine Part 1

A brand New show by the mighty Franque Clandestine .Resident Dj and Label Owner of puppetshop Selected some deep Tunes for Puppet shop followers .Track list Coming soon ......

Next week a guest mix by Mr Smith

Friday 24 March 2017

BHT 013 Part 2 Diliman ( France ,Tocscwax) Double mix special

Diliman Lab a crate digger from France dug up deep in his record Collection  providing Basement House Tapes with two mixes.The aim was to have one mix but  we couldn't  select which one to upload so we decided to put both mixes for our follows enjoy the weekend this is  special is worth listening . for information on Diliman follow him on Soundcloud

This is part A

Part B

 support the The labels Buy Wax and buy Digital

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Friday 10 March 2017

BHT 013 Part 1 Allamp yellow

Brand new show by the mighty  Allamp yellow good music has  no expiry date so lets jam to the music feel free to share and tell your friends you dig  the show


Baldo-Be Momorable - Let's play house
Iron Curtis-Stranded- sudden drop
Alexander B- I see- society 3.0 Recordings
Liem-,eddie Ness - Bassforce xxl- Lehult
Christopher rau- early korn-smallville
Vid vai-deep diver (huxley remix)-Apparel Music
Marlon George-Gemini BORG TRAX
Un_node-paul-From Any Direction
Liam geddes-mindstate-Inermu
Aril Brikha,Chymera-Nihiri-Connaisseur Recordings

Please Buy the  music Help all these labels to keep releasing  music so we can keep doing what we do

Guest mix for this month is Diliman Lab

Friday 24 February 2017

BHT 012- part 2 Samuel sea (TROH)-Johannesburg

The uploads never stop today we have a guest mix by samuel sea from  The roots of house he has releases on Kanzen Records and other   check out his releases samuel sea s releases. 
Follow the podcast Enjoy the Journey ,keep playing and tell your friends Samuel sea is in the house . Go grab his music The Legal way lets help our record Labels to Flourish

1.kuniyuki takahashi - people 
2.duijn & douglas -eddie
3.jenifa mayanja -stranger things have happened
4.marbert rocel -beats like birds (douglas greed's wassermalfarben remix) hell -the angst (axel boman edit)
6.audision -red sky (robag wruhme remix) orbison -bb
8.25 places -seen today 
9.samuel sea -gas mask
10.john beltran -broken mechanism 
11.the irresistible force -waveform

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Friday 10 February 2017

BHT 012 Part 1 Franque clandestine

Brand new mix for the man Franque Clandestine dive in the deepness he just released a brand new tune on the German Label  Nulectric Records check out the release
for the mix he did hear the fresh selector dug for you and follow and reshare the link

Artist -tittle
 Janeret-hard deep
djebali-thugs on the corner
Discret popescu -sear a devreme
io mulen-to the unkmown(malin Genie remix)
philipp Gonzales-Black Blues
Liam Geddes-Song for New
Federico Giorgi-Gatalea
Levi Verspeek-Mirehc
Nick Beringer-Grey
anrilov-Unreleased remix
Roger Gerressen-TRuth Be told
Birdsmakingmachine-40 de mayo
ion ludwig-no man can be one way you should see
Anton Bajen -sp tone
pablo boliver-probably never

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enjoy the weekend this months Guest Mix is by samuel C(TROH)

Saturday 21 January 2017

BHT 011 Part 2 Mobiuso (yourarehere Rec,France)

Brand new Mix first guest mix for the New year 2017.We would like to host a deep house groover from France he Just joined a Crew with Diliman its really nice to have him on the show. For More info about him go to his facebook on this link Mobuiso.

Unreleased forthcoming on Chineurs De House 
Luca Lozano - M.U.S.I.C. (Kris Wadsworth Remix) 
Moomin – Loop No 1 
Oussama K – Something Wrong
Labium – Pool & Porn
Borrowed Identity – Searching Forever 
Pepe Bradock – Path Of Most Resistance 
Shintaro D – Sunset Trip
Floating Points – Montparnasse 
Demetrio Giannice – Deepness 
Frits Wentink – Everyone Knows 
Fur – Cocoon (Fred P. Reshape)
Smallpeople – And You & You
The Mountain People - Mountain 004 
Rudolf C – Saturn Propulsion System 
Deep88 & Melchior Sultana – Nightwave

stream Download and enjoy 
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 Stay deep please tell your friends about BHT.

Saturday 7 January 2017

BHT 011 Part 1 Allamp Yellow

happy new year to you All we here at puppetshop Would like to thank all the listeners that pressed play and those who downloaded  the show you guys make us to happy to upload new shows each Month.
on that Note our Residence Allamp yellow has compiled a mix for us with groovy Tracks to let you enjoy your 2017.there is No tracklist for this mix but he will be more than welcome to reply to comments of track Id request

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