Wednesday 9 September 2020

BHT 036 Manuel Costela (Spain)

Greetings friends we have an Exclusive mix by the man behind Bucketround Recordings and he has many releases on several labels we a delighted to have him in the a mix. check out his Soundcloud  Manuel Costela


 Costela Grew up with a musical culture of “Soul and Funk” his music is mostly Deep House with touches of soul and disco that define his particular style. His performances are defined with big enthusiasm to make people dance and create that fun party atmosphere.In 2005, he began working as a producer and started the Bucketround label, which currently goes by the tenth reference and only produces in vinyl format. Bucketround was born from the initial idea of merging funk with Deephouse music, publishing works of artists who are able to risk a bit in music production and to create a community of famous artists, collaborating with producers that are emerging right now.His last project is a new digital label, called 2phonic Recordings, that was created to discover new talented artists, based on electronic music, experimenting with different pre-defined styles.

Costela has worked and is working in countless labels of international prestige some of them are: TH Pressing (Japan), Sub_Urban, TRAX Records, Deep Explorer Music, Mate, Nang Records, Deepart Sounds, Black Jack Records, Melodica Records, Klassik (Chicago), Bucketround, 2phonic Recordings, Moiss Music, Discoweey, Lisztomania, Hot Digits, Delve Deeper, Deep Sense, MoodyHouse, Disco Balls, Spa In Disco, Cyanide, Closer To Truth, Thunder jam, Deepwit Recordings, Different Attitudes, Cenital Music, Crooks & Villains, Real Balearic, Golden Soul, Mole Music, Myriad Black Records, Lovely and many more.



01.TAOS - La Maison de Jacques (Tour-Rhythm’n’Keys Remix)
02.Tony Lionni - Harlem Hustle
03.Tomi Chair (Tominori Hosoya) - Snow Glitter
04.Urulu - Moon Unit (Ben La Desh Remix)
05.Velta Cap - Stranger Than Paradise (Terrence Pearce Remix)
06.Roberto Rodriguez - HatYouPutMeThrou (Instrumental)
07.Opolopo - Our World feat.Erik Rico (House mix)
08.Natural Calamy - And That’s Saying A Lot (Groove Armada 2nd Dub)
09.Max Graef & Andy Hart - Pass The Mortel (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
10.Motor City Drum Ensemble - There’s A Truth
11.Daniel Lesseman - So Fine
12.Simon Garcia - Radians

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Stay Safe Stay deep!!!!!!!