Sunday 1 April 2018

BHT 023 part 2 Kaka franco ( Brazil)

 Greetings a brand new mix by the mighty Kaka Franco ,his name is not new for all  the deep house followers he has recorded a  mix for Deepershades, deep space podcast and many more....  for those who don't know him here is a short Bio:

After a teenage saturated club inducement in the 90s, Carlos Henrique AKA Kaka Franco has risen up to embody all sorts of House music essences, bathing his DJ sets in all shapes and colours. His purist vision on creating classic root-house soundscape layers through long and hypnotizing narratives. It is common for technique-driven musicians to lose ground on the fragile tact of track selections, yet Franco has managed to sustain both an impeccable DJ craft/artistry and sense of selection, which have landed him exorbitant feedback from Curitiba’s dance floors.
enjoy the mix and share it with your friends enjoy the Easter holidays !!!!

Tracklist :
 artist - title
01 Turenne Triplett (Original Mix)
02 Chaos In The CBD - Trust Is Key
03 Chocky - Self Knowledge (Original Mix)
04 Pied Piper - Sage (Original 12 Inch Deep Jazzhouse Mix)
05 Kevin Yost feat. Brooke Harper, Kevin Yost, Brooke Harper - Jazz Is (Jazz Room Remix)
06 Abstraccion - Street Voices (Original Mix)
07 Glenn Underground, Loftsoul, Kelvin Sylvester And Luyo - Sakura (Main Mix)
08 Robert Hanford - Jass (Original Mix)
09 Labéu -Beaches
10 Times are Ruff - Daisy May
11 Black Loops & Innocent Soul - Oh, Baby
12 Malouane - This Was Supposed to Be an Outro
13 Lionel Indies - Rose (Original Mix)
14 Luka - Everyday (Koulz Deep Dub)
15 Sam Irl - Move On (Original Mix)
16 Pied Piper - Titty Twister (Original 12 Inch Deep Jazzy House Mix)
17 Lionel Indies - The Fox & The Cat (Original Mix)
18 Bootie Grove - Spicy Samba Au Tabasco (Oh Minha Mae Edit)
19 Harley&Muscle, Glenn Underground, Karu - Chicago House (Karu Remix)
20 D-Pulse - Lazy Sun (Live At Bubble Bar)

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