Thursday 20 June 2019

BHT 028 Part 1 Giles of Ham

A Brand new Show coming from Giles of Ham its his first mix for the New year he picked some good sounds to keep your ears warm during the winter season enjoy the mix keep it under ground

No track list for the mix dive in enjoy the music.

click the arrow on the player to download send your track ID Request via comments on the next episode we have a guest from Germany JMO keep it locked.

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Saturday 1 June 2019

BHT 027 Part 2 Adam De Smidt (Grass is Greener ) [Cape Town]

Greetings a Brand new mix by Adam De Smidt He is Based in Cape Town is also responsible for a lot of head Nodding in the under ground scene in Cape town and Beyond. He has releases on several Labels and part of the Under ground scene movements like Foot in the Groove etc. Lay back and enjoy the trip here is a link to his soundcloud


As part of One Foot in the Groove and Love All, Adam's signature "Spaceship Music" sound became a prominent addition at Cape Town's "Home of House", Deluxe. His quirky, fun sets journey through a range of emotions, stirring up the dance floor into a frenzy. Now, as owner of the record label Grass Is Greener Music, he continues to spread his infectious music with South Africa and beyond.

No Tracklist for the Mix dive in send comments for Track ID request on the Player

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