Monday 30 March 2020

BHT 033 Part 1 Franque Clandestine Live set

Greetings Friends we have a brand new Show by the residence Franque Clandestine its super Deep with a few minimal & Dub in between.The mix is live recording from the studios of deep nation, a team we are grateful to have come across who showed their support by letting us put together a three hour mix of some of our favourite tunes and drink mad beers while at it.

During this Time we at Puppetshop would like advise  everyone to stay safe With the ongoing shutdown weighing in on our state of being and belonging, we hope these three hours make staying at home a little less dreadful for those who find it very hard to do.

There is no track list for this mix however please send your request  as a comment on the player and Franque Clandestine will dig up the tune.

please share the mix to your friends via the link and please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes

Stay Safe We have an Exclusive mix coming from Owen Jay Stay tuned!!! Stay deep !!! Take Care!!!