Thursday 20 October 2016

BHT 008 part 2 Get Down Edits (Ireland)

Brand new BHT from the Get Down Ddits .For the disco lovers and house
The get down edits are Martin Roche and Darren Dalton.They run a  label called the get down edits.check their Music productions and so much much more .

Enjoy the mix please tell your friends about the mix and share as well.

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Saturday 8 October 2016

BHT part 1 Episode 008 Franque Clandestine

Another Episode friends even better as always  Label owner Franque clandestine  did a BHT mix to you make feel the deeepness in your face .


Track tittle

1.Sraunus-Endless Guitar
2 lavil-puppetshop( Unreleased )
4.Deymare-Back In Time (Original mix;)
5.Ray Valioso-Groove Memories
6.Finest Wear-The Storm
7.The Persuader-Vitsippa
8.Rodrigo DP-Flammarion (Original Mix)
9.chris carrier & jef k -windtalkers (original  mix)
11.jacob korn and san soda-the music
13.Alix Alvarez-Simple
14.Frank Hellmond -Sunday
15.Daniel Meister-Morning After (Diwex Remix)
16.Mandar-Naughty Mandar
17.Auji Industries-Parachute
18.Kisk, Undeep-4Friends (Original mix)
19.James Teej-Fame (Cisco Cisco remix)

Guest mix for this month by the  get down edits

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 remember we get down with a little help!!!