Friday 24 February 2017

BHT 012- part 2 Samuel sea (TROH)-Johannesburg

The uploads never stop today we have a guest mix by samuel sea from  The roots of house he has releases on Kanzen Records and other   check out his releases samuel sea s releases. 
Follow the podcast Enjoy the Journey ,keep playing and tell your friends Samuel sea is in the house . Go grab his music The Legal way lets help our record Labels to Flourish

1.kuniyuki takahashi - people 
2.duijn & douglas -eddie
3.jenifa mayanja -stranger things have happened
4.marbert rocel -beats like birds (douglas greed's wassermalfarben remix) hell -the angst (axel boman edit)
6.audision -red sky (robag wruhme remix) orbison -bb
8.25 places -seen today 
9.samuel sea -gas mask
10.john beltran -broken mechanism 
11.the irresistible force -waveform

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Friday 10 February 2017

BHT 012 Part 1 Franque clandestine

Brand new mix for the man Franque Clandestine dive in the deepness he just released a brand new tune on the German Label  Nulectric Records check out the release
for the mix he did hear the fresh selector dug for you and follow and reshare the link

Artist -tittle
 Janeret-hard deep
djebali-thugs on the corner
Discret popescu -sear a devreme
io mulen-to the unkmown(malin Genie remix)
philipp Gonzales-Black Blues
Liam Geddes-Song for New
Federico Giorgi-Gatalea
Levi Verspeek-Mirehc
Nick Beringer-Grey
anrilov-Unreleased remix
Roger Gerressen-TRuth Be told
Birdsmakingmachine-40 de mayo
ion ludwig-no man can be one way you should see
Anton Bajen -sp tone
pablo boliver-probably never

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enjoy the weekend this months Guest Mix is by samuel C(TROH)