Sunday 17 November 2019

BHT 031 PART 2 Russian Tank (JHB)

BHT 031 PART 2 Russian Tank

an under ground cat that has been busy with lot of mixes within the deep house  scene we are humbled to have Russian Tank record a mix for BHT. to find out more about this up and coming underground Dj  check his facebook here Russian Tank



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Monday 21 October 2019

BHT 031 part 1 Franque Clandestine (mamma 's groove)

A mix compiled from the racks of Franque 's moms vinyl collection its indeed a journey first of its kind for Basement House Tapes, its a vinyl only mix consisting of under ground grooves that were dugged for your ears.

The music genre in this mix is chilled out lounge and some good soul funk get in the grooves !!!

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1.Lakutshoni ilanga [side A]-mangwane
2.Batsumi [side B]- itumeleng
3.Dollar brand [side B] - The Pilgrim
4.Quincy jones [side A]-Gula matari
5.Nina Simone [side A]-Westwind
6.Gil Scott-Heron [side B]-The prisoner
7.Donald Byrd[side A]-Black Byrd
8.The Crusaders [side A]-That's how i feel
9.Stevie Wonder[side C]-Black Man
10.YesterdayToday&Tomorrow Spinners[side B]-honey I'm in love with you
11.Clarence Carter[side B]-fighting to keep my head above water
12.Timmy Thomas[side A]-iv got to see you tonight
13.Skatana[side A]-funny

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forth coming Guest mix by Russian Tank

Wednesday 21 August 2019

BHT 030 Shyam (Russia, Moscow)

Greeting Basement House tapes is back with  a banging episode by Shyam from Russia. He is known for his deep house tracks in intensive mixes. Check it out his music and DJ sets on Soundcloud no tracklist for the mix dive in to the music

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Sunday 4 August 2019

BHT 029 part 2 Finest Wear (U.K)

A brand new mix coming from the U.K its a deep house affair vibes with the mighty Finest Wear. this mix is packed with a lot of brand new music. He also just released a brand new E.P on colour and Pitch be  sure to check it out


Finest Wear has found home for his sound on a few selected labels such as Nordic Trax, Colour & Pitch, & Large Music, plus a many more, His releases are usually found on the top spots of the charts on the usual outlets and he has gained support from various artist’s all over the globe such as Luke
McKeehan, Jimpster, Todd Edwards, Simbad, Jody Wisternoff, Tom Findlay, Andrew Duke, Quentin Harris, Laurent Garnier, Craig Smith, Gavin Hard-kiss, Dj Hanlee, Ranj Kaler, Luke Solomon, Bill Brewster, Rudimental, Joyce Muniz, Just to name a few.. :-)
On a global scale the Finest Wear sound is finding its way all over countries where the versatile sound is palatable for just about anyone and any mood. Finest Wear is joining the cutting edge productions of the big names in the genre. His unique sound is making waves in the true Deep House scene.



Finest Wear - Guest mix for B H T (Tracklist)
1. DJ Aakmael - 'Blazewon' - Nite Grooves
2. Radic The Myth - 'Annah' - Rouge Decibels
3. Houz Addictz - 'Vybe The Hype' - MuziTanium Recs
4. Dwson - 'Isolation' - Freerange
5. Franc Spangler - 'Next To You' - Delusions Of Grandeur
6. Finest Wear - 'Moments In Time' - Colour & Pitch
7. David Harness & Miss Patty - 'ASI (I Like It)' (Harness Bounce Mix)
Moulton Music
8. Finest Wear - 'Sonders Groove' - Colour & Pitch
9. Funk Butcher - 'Street Knowledge' - Nervous
10. Finest Wear - 'The Storm' - Colour & Pitch

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Friday 26 July 2019

BHT 029 Part 1 Allamp yellow

Greetings everyone where ever you are today we have a mix by our Resident  Dj Allamp yellow he has selected some chilled out nice deep stuff for your ears so please lay back and enjoy the mix, please share the mix and subscribe to our podcast


Artist- Title-Label
Bjorn Fogelberg - Inside Out (Deep Sector Mix)[Sick Watona]
Ryan Nicholls0Just A Second[Hungarian Hot Wax]
Lucia Agustin & Toman-Triangles[Cyclic]
Mano Andrei-unfold[ Fresh your mind]
Addex-Blazing (Evren Furtana Remix)[Deep site]
New Members-Good members[Pear]
Toman- Downtown[Cyclic]
Barrow - Whispers[Chikyu-u]
Liam Geddes-Mindstate[Inermu]
Rico Casazza- Flyering[plastic City.Play]
Robin Fett - Rephrase [We_R House]
Andrew McDonnell - cont-ext 001 [Kindisch]

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Stay locked our upcoming Guest mix is by Finest Wear from the U.K

Thursday 4 July 2019

BHT 028 Part 2 JMO (Soultunes)[Germany]

Greetings we have an exclusive mix by JMO The man who has  been spinning records in Germany since 2001 and he has been playing in clubs in Hamburg. He is part of Soultunes team which is very well known record label and for putting out good parties.
We are very happy to have him in our archive enjoy the mix, and tell your friends that JMO has joined our mix series.

01 YMC - Erotic City
02 K2 - Levitation
03 Norken - Fragile
04 2loop - Reminder
05 Steve Murphy - Memory Center
06 Chaos in the CBD - Multiverse
07 Mark Ambrose - Starship
08 Ex-Terrestrial - Portal Vision (Plain)
09 Atom Heart - Slow Motion
10 Ewan Jansen - Freckles
11 Baby Ford - "Hi, Mr. Logan"
12 Color of Music - Make U Mine
13 Glance - Great White

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Thursday 20 June 2019

BHT 028 Part 1 Giles of Ham

A Brand new Show coming from Giles of Ham its his first mix for the New year he picked some good sounds to keep your ears warm during the winter season enjoy the mix keep it under ground

No track list for the mix dive in enjoy the music.

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Saturday 1 June 2019

BHT 027 Part 2 Adam De Smidt (Grass is Greener ) [Cape Town]

Greetings a Brand new mix by Adam De Smidt He is Based in Cape Town is also responsible for a lot of head Nodding in the under ground scene in Cape town and Beyond. He has releases on several Labels and part of the Under ground scene movements like Foot in the Groove etc. Lay back and enjoy the trip here is a link to his soundcloud


As part of One Foot in the Groove and Love All, Adam's signature "Spaceship Music" sound became a prominent addition at Cape Town's "Home of House", Deluxe. His quirky, fun sets journey through a range of emotions, stirring up the dance floor into a frenzy. Now, as owner of the record label Grass Is Greener Music, he continues to spread his infectious music with South Africa and beyond.

No Tracklist for the Mix dive in send comments for Track ID request on the Player

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Thursday 16 May 2019

BHT -027 part 1 Ipaddy

Basement House Tapes is back this time with a mix from Ipaddy. The mix includes a very versatile tunes included in it from Deep House to Deep tech please spread the word let people know about Basement House Tapes

NO Tracklist for the mix please add comments and Ipaddy will respond

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Thursday 31 January 2019

BHT-026 Part 2 Marcelo Tavares (Brazil)

Basement House Tapes Continues in 2019 with a brand episode by the mighty Marcelo Tavares from Brazil the man behind Deepspace podcast joined the BHT Mix series. He is known for his ability to play good deep house "the stuff alot of Dj's dont play"

 Marcelo contributed guestmixes to several well-known sites including Deeper Shades of House (#359, #389 & #523) deepindub Netlabel Podcast #60, All About House #17, Tranzmitter Netlabel Podcast #44, Radio Sharp #11, Midnight Sessions (NYC) find out more Visit Deepspace podcast


1)lphabets Heaven - Wander - [WotNot Music]
2) DJ Zozi - Mellow Vibe - [1080p]
3) Ruido Selecto - Talisman - [Monofónicos]
4) Elka - Luxere - [1080p]
5) Peter Van Hoesen - Quadra - [Dekmantel]
6) Schatrax - Mists Of Time - [Schatrax]
7) Gold Panda - Chiba Nights - [City Slang]
8) Lapti - Humanoid Rights - [Gost Zvuk]
9) Phill Booth - Like - [House Running]
10) Tomas Rubeck - The Blueprint - [Echocord]
11) Project Pablo - Closer - [SOBO]
12) Dan White - Bunjil - [brokntoys]"

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