Friday 24 March 2017

BHT 013 Part 2 Diliman ( France ,Tocscwax) Double mix special

Diliman Lab a crate digger from France dug up deep in his record Collection  providing Basement House Tapes with two mixes.The aim was to have one mix but  we couldn't  select which one to upload so we decided to put both mixes for our follows enjoy the weekend this is  special is worth listening . for information on Diliman follow him on Soundcloud

This is part A

Part B

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Friday 10 March 2017

BHT 013 Part 1 Allamp yellow

Brand new show by the mighty  Allamp yellow good music has  no expiry date so lets jam to the music feel free to share and tell your friends you dig  the show


Baldo-Be Momorable - Let's play house
Iron Curtis-Stranded- sudden drop
Alexander B- I see- society 3.0 Recordings
Liem-,eddie Ness - Bassforce xxl- Lehult
Christopher rau- early korn-smallville
Vid vai-deep diver (huxley remix)-Apparel Music
Marlon George-Gemini BORG TRAX
Un_node-paul-From Any Direction
Liam geddes-mindstate-Inermu
Aril Brikha,Chymera-Nihiri-Connaisseur Recordings

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Guest mix for this month is Diliman Lab