Wednesday 23 February 2022

BHT# 041 Cuetec (Germany)

 BHT Welcomes the heavy hitter Cuetec this New year who is an electronic music Producer based in Germany 


Micha was 10 years old when he started in 1996 to listen to electronic music. He listened to Paul van Dyk and was really enthused by that advanced stuff. Later, He was also infected with drum 'n' bass and even deep house tunes. 

In the Metro Area, Ian Pooley, DJ Marky, DJ Metro, DJ D. Kay, and many more, are still future and past heroes. The search for advanced electronic music was terrible for his parents. He spent his time listening to and recording tons of tapes at high volume. In the year 1999, he decided to make his own records. He made a couple of tunes on Playstation, among others, a remix of Goldfrap's "Utopia" and Paul van Dyk's "Columbia" these are the influences on his music.

He didn't really define a style that circumscribed his work. At the moment, it's that deep house stuff, but he also made a drum 'n' bass tune for an Andrew Duke Remix Contest. So be anxious about what he will brings to you in the future.....

This Show is Mixture of Deep house , electronic Music ,House Music. enjoy the 
Journey Also we have a give way for you as a new years gift.


# -Artist - Title

1.moonshine-moonshine girl
2.dochi-fix up
3.paxton fettel-bon voyage
5.metro area-caught up
7.saine-bronx medium
8.bjorn torske-expresso
10.matias aguayo-minimal(dj koze remix)
11.ruff stuff-balls
12.naylor-want u

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Also Puppetshop records and Cuetec decided to  have a little Competition he is giving away one of his Albums that are exclusive to Bandcamp to the 1st 10 people to Share the mixtape link and include the #puppetshopvsCuetec via Facebook, and the rest of the others will get Bandcamp codes to his release  Please follow him is Facebook fan page

Please see the below release up for grabs!!

 Please share the link and stay underground 

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